Yuka Murakami

A Fox's Craft
2016, installation, video

After 40 years in operation, the Crafts Center at University of California, San Diego, was abruptly closed in 2012 as part of an institution-wide trend of discontinuing funding for spaces dedicated to arts and culture. The Crafts Center offered classes in glassblowing, screen printing, ceramics, and woodworking, among others, and functioned as a nucleus of creativity at a research university that continues to noticeably grow in its science, tech, and engineering programs. The existence of the Crafts Center is hardly known by students today as it was demolished quickly, leaving nothing but a river of rocks in its place, with no plans for replacement. Since then several other campus arts spaces have been compromised and/or closed, including Graffiti Hall, the University Art Gallery, and the Ché Cafe.

A Fox's Craft is a performance-installation by Yuka Murakami and Gianna Zamora, exhibited at the Adam D. Kamil Gallery in 2016. In remembrance of the educational facilities once valued by the university, the piece questions the future of UCSD as well as the paradox of institutional "growth" that results in limiting student access to valuable resources.